Allergen Awareness Course



 According to a leading intolerance testing group 74% of the population are gluten or wheat intolerant and 56% have some dairy intolerance. In addition, it is estimated that 4% of the adult population have a serious food allergy and 8% of children have an intolerance.

This is a problem that looks to be on the increase and in response there have now been new EU Regulations introduced for Allergen Awareness.


To comply with current EU legislation, all food workers must have appropriate Allergen Awareness Training to enable them to have a good understanding of food allergens.

For Example

  • Those who are preparing unpackaged food (Chefs or cooks)
  • Production Workers who are in a ‘hand’ on role in Manufacturing
  • Those who are in a supervisory or management role


The Allergen Awareness Course covers the following subjects

  • The main non-food allergens
  • The 14 main food allergens
  • The main categories of food hazards
  • Preventing cross-contamination
  • Allergen handling PPE
  • Separation of products
  • Labeling
  • Cleaning and colour coding
  • Cleaning stages
  • Validation and verification of cleaning
  • The EU Food Information Regulations, 2014
  • Allergens in Catering
  • Further Information
  • 20 Multiple Choice questions
  • To pass must have the minimum of 15 correct answers
  • Durations 40 Minutes
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