Fire Safety Course

Level Two In Fire Safety Training


The course delivers an insight and understanding into fire safety, training and prevention within the workplace. The course is particularly beneficial for employees who are responsible for fire safety in the workplace, but would be appropriate for all employees as having a workforce fully trained in fire safety significantly lowers the risk of a fire starting.





The course covers the following subjects:

  • Outline to fire safety in the workplace
  • The legal duties of employers and employees
  • How fires start, behave and spread
  • How to prevent  fires & take precise actions to take upon hearing the fire alarm
  • Your role in the event of evacuation from the building


  • Awarding Body:  British Safety Council
  • Course Duration: 1 Day, 30 multiple choice questions, 45 minutes, Pass mark 20 out of 30
  • Assessment: Online exam or paper-based
  • Venue – Onsite or at one of our training centres

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