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Food Safety

Food Safety

With growing awareness among consumers, increasing penalties for breaching the food safety regulations and reputation on the line virtually all food businesses require assistance in food safety.

At Chaboun Consultancy Services we provide businesses like yours (whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, café, care home or nursing home) with a Food Hygiene and Food Safety service in order to ensure each and every aspect of food safety in your premises is fully compliant with law and regulations.

Combining our experience with passion, thorough approach and can do attitude, our food safety services will ensure that your food hygiene standards are on the highest level

If you have any queries regarding how CHABOUN can help your business please get in touch and one of our consultants will be happy to answer all your questions.

With us you can choose from a variety of food safety services and we will provide you with tailor-made package that will match your requirements.


  • HACCP plan – essential document for food industries – from big food manufacturers to small restaurants –it will cover all procedures of food manufacturing process. In simplest words this set of procedures tailored to your business will cover all processes from the moment you receive materials from suppliers until it lands on the plate of your customer – this will ensure that food you make is safe and compliant with food safety regulations
  • Food Safety Management System – set of procedures, measures, standards and policies that ensures all practices in the kitchen are structured and easy to follow. This service includes an assessment visit and a training in order to ensure all resolutions and topics covered in your bespoke Food Safety Management System are understood so you will utilize the document properly which will smoothen the process of making food.
  • Due Diligence Diaries – The Local Authority are looking for a proof of you following the Food Safety Management System and HACCP System – in order to meet this requirement you will need to keep records of following both documents. This bespoke, user-friendly diaries are here for you to make this process smooth, nice and easy.
  • Food Safety Courses – According to Food Safety Regulations food handlers on all levels (from Kitchen Porters to Head Chefs) are required to be qualified in Food Safety. These courses will ensure that your employees are aware of hazards, risks, cross-contamination, allergens, cleanliness and food safety. Our approachable, highly qualified trainers will deliver the course in professional and comprehensive manner. We provide trainings on Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.
  • Food Safety and Hygiene Audits – most of professionals and business owners who are serious about running a food business know that an external audit is essential in hospitality sector. It ensures all standards are kept on the highest level and most importantly in case of an issue you will be notified right away so you can address it before it grows or before the EHO finds it. We offer one off audits or contracted regular audits.
  • Food Safety and Hygiene Consultancy – in an addition to external audits we also provide our valuable clients with consultancy service which includes:
  • Allergen advice – there are 14 allergens specified by British low. In the last decade the number of food allergy cases has doubled and the number of hospitalizations caused by severe allergic reactions has increased 7-fold (EAACI, 2015). With your reputation on the line you wouldn’t like to take the risk of being prosecuted if allergen advice is at your hand with Chaboun Consultancy Services. Our proactive and flexible approach will ensure that your business is provided with thorough allergen advice and that your staff are fully confident about it. Whether it means revising your menus, explaining the danger or providing you with bespoke allergen list.
  • Allergen Chart – in addition to the allergen advice we also provide an allergen chart to ensure your staff have a constant contact with this vital list of 14 dangerous but still very common ingredients or materials.
  • Food Safety Analysis – a part of Food Safety Management System used to make sure that the hazards of spoilage or cross-contamination is minimized to the very minimum.
  • Food Safety Policies – a part of Food Safety Management System used to organize and arrange the process of making food in compliance with food safety regulations.






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