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Health and Safety

Health and Safety low breaches are now one of the most serious threats to businesses in the UK. Failing to meet the legal requirements can result in unlimited fines (Section 85 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012) or even prosecution and jail. Providing a safe work place for you and your employees is not only a legal requirement but also a moral duty.


At CHABOUN Consultancy Services we provide warehouses, restaurants, hotels, cafes, offices, stores and business centres with thorough Health & Safety services that will ensure that your business is fully compliant with UK low and regulations.


Combining our 10 years’ experience with passion, hard work and dedication to secure your business our Health and Safety services will cover all the risks, hazards and requirements businesses encounter.


If you have any queries regarding how CHABOUN Consultancy Services can help your business please get in touch and one of our Health and Safety consultants will be glad to answer all your questions.


CHABOUN Consultancy Services offers wide range of Health and Safety services that will take the burden and stress related to Health and Safety off your shoulders.


Risk Assessment

Identifies sensible measures to control the risks in your workplace. It will identify the hazards (anything that can cause harm), risks (a chance that somebody could be harmed by these or other hazards), decide who might be harmed and evaluate the risks and decide on precautions. It will also record significant findings. We provide Fire Risk Assessment, General Risk assessment.


Fire Risk Assessment

If you employ more than 5 employees you are legally required to keep a copy of your fire risk assessment and to review it on a regular basis or in case any changes have been done to the business. This document evaluates all the risks and hazards there are in your premises on a basis of fire safety. Our Assessors are Graduates of the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), Members of the Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) and Members of the Institute of Fire Prevention Officers (IFPO). If you need a Fire Risk Assessment we will provide you with a full, detailed, written report with recommendations and an action plan all put in a user-friendly, comprehensive form.


General Risk Assessment

This is an essential document for businesses that employ more than 5 people. This report evaluates all hazards and risks in the workplace. If you require a General Risk Assessment we will provide you with a full, detailed, written report with recommendations and an action plan.


Health and Safety Policies

Crucial part of Health and Safety of your business – it is not just paperwork – it is a set of policies which will ensure that your business is safe and your safety culture is put in practise. Our approach to these services is firstly to assess your safety culture and practise to ensure that the policies we make match your preferences and adhere to Health and Safety low.


Health and Safety Audits

With potential fines for breaching the Health and Safety low – fewer businesses take the risk of not following the Health and Safety low. The best solution to comply with the low is to have an external company carrying regular external audits. Thanks to this service you stay up to date with the any issues related to health and safety. If we find any problem you will be notified right away so you can act before the issue grow and become serious threats.


In addition to audits we also offer a H & S consultancy service which includes:


  • Full Health and Safety Support
  • Health and Safety 24 hour support line
  • Updating your Health and Safety Policies
  • Encouraging your staff to follow the Health and Safety low and regulations
  • Regular audits
  • Visit report with specification of legally required action and advice


Health and Safety Manuals

This document is provided to help managers and employees achieve minimum advice and standards on a range of health and safety matters. It also indicates where the further information, advice and guide can be found. With Health and Safety Manuals created by CHABOUN Consultancy Services you will get the minimum essentials written in comprehensive and user friendly manner.


Fire Alarm Systems

As fire safety is crucial for any business we do understand that installing a fire alarm at your premises is a priority. In order to provide our clients with thorough service we excel in fire alarm system installations. Whether it’s a Twin Wire System, Addressable System or Intelligent System that you require we will assist you and guide you to help you choose a system that suits best your business’ requirements. We combine our experience and professional approach in order to provide you with the best service.


Fire Extinguisher service

As we are fully aware that in case of fire you want to be sure that your fire extinguisher will do the work we provide fire extinguishers made in the UK which meet all the essential standards. We have a range of fire extinguishers – Foam, Wet Chemical, Water, CO2, in red and silver, small and big. Our friendly and professional advisors will be happy to assist you to choose fire extinguishers that will suit your business’ needs. We will deliver them to your door, commission all of them and provide you with the certificate so that your fire safety is on the highest standards.


Fire Log Book

A document that contains advice and space to record all aspects of fire safety in your premises (Fire Brigade Visits, Fire Alarm system and Fire Fighting equipment, Emergency Lighting, Fire Training, Fire Drills and Trainings). The benefit of this document is that you have all crucial fire safety records in one place.











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