Who needs this Level 3 Food Safety Training?

The qualification is designed for those who are involved in managing any type of food or drink production facility. In addition to the importance of verifying food safety controls, individuals will gain an appreciation of the specific types of control measures needed when food is produced on a large scale.

The hazards and necessary controls in manufacturing environments often differ from those found in catering, and so it is essential that qualifications address this and focus on relevant areas. This qualification addresses these differences and will ensure that businesses are compliant with the requirement to train food handlers to levels commensurate with their work activities.

Course Information

The course covers the following subjects:


Ability to implement and supervise a food safety management system

Understand food safety procedures

Understand the concept of food hazards and the risks associated with them

Understand the terminology with respect to supervising food safety

Understand the techniques involved in controlling and monitoring food safety

Appreciate the risks linked to cross contamination

Understand the role temperature has to play in the control of food safety

Appreciate the importance of supervising high standards of cleanliness in food premises

Further Information


Awarding Body – High field

Duration – Three Day Programmer

Assessment – Multiple choice Examination – 60 questions

Location – At one of our Training Centers

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