Everyone in the workplace who undertakes any form of manual handling as part of their work. This would include all workers engaged in lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling or carrying of loads.

The aim of the course is to prevent injuries to employees from manual handling activities.


On completion of the course delegates should be able to:


Explain what is meant by “Manual Handling”

Outline the typical injuries that can occur from manual handling activities

Outline how risks can be assessed and how to apply the HSE’s “guideline figures”

Describe how to control the risks from manual handling tasks

Course information

The course covers the following subjects:

 Definition of Manual Handling / recognising manual handling tasks

 Anatomy and physiology of the back

 How harm can be caused / common injuries

 Body mechanics / lever effect

 Legal requirements – avoid / assess / reduce

 Risk assessment – guidelines for lifting and carrying

 Risk assessment – TILE risk factors

 Risk reduction strategies

 Safe lifting and carrying technique–


Further information


Awarding Body:  British Safety Council

Course Duration: ½ Day

Assessment: Multiple Choice – Online or Paper Exam

Venue – Onsite or at our training centre




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