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Just because the slogan goes, ‘necessity knows no law’, you should never be mindless of what you consume. Most people who work in busy towns tend to go for fast foods when the need arises to re-energize their systems. At such times, the hygiene or the safety compliance of the restaurants they visit is not a priority or concern. As a result, they end up consuming food that in one way or another, may trouble their health. So then, how can the government regulate the health and safety of its citizens?

Strengthen the food safety management system

Every government has systems put in place to ensure its people are safe from food poisoning. In England, for instance, the National Health Service and Public Health England work towards ensuring safety compliance by all players in the food industry. For such food safety management systems to be fully operational, the governing body should be ready and willing to provide them with full financial back-up as this will ensure they reach out to food safety violators. The legal system must also do its best to speed up the cases of non-compliance and convict those found to be guilty of such offences.

Formulating relevant policies

In the absence of clear operation guidelines, such as health and safety policies, every restaurant will come up with what it feels is suitable for its operation even if it means subjecting its customers to various risks. It is, therefore, not a choice, but an obligation of the governing body to come clear on policies that guide the food industry in areas such as food hygiene, pest control, safety precautions, and food allergen. The policies should also clearly define anything from fire risk assessment to food safety management systems that need to be put in place by anyone who wishes to be a party to the hospitality industry.

Publicly rewarding the most compliant participants in the hospitality industry

Other than empowering the safety management systems and formulating relevant policies, the government is encouraged to give awards to players in the hospitality industry who offer incredible services to their clients. The government can come up with a list of restaurant operators who score high in risk assessment and reward them for their exemplary services. This action will most likely challenge others who are not listed for the award, to work hard towards attaining it next time it is issued. In return, this will boost their compliance to the set policies.

Photo: cooking by nori_n licensed under Creative Commons 4.0