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Are you looking to improve the operations inside your restaurant but unsure of where to start? Do you feel that there are better ways to perform your foodservice? If so, then you need to hire food safety consultancy to get things moving.

Doing so can give your brand access to more expertise. They’ll be able to assess any potential safety concerns in your operations and make actionable plans to stop it. They will help train your staff on how to do things the right way.

There are many things you should look for when you hire a food safety consultant. See below for a few key factors to consider on your search.

1. References and Reviews

No two food safety consultancies are created equal. While you’ve made a decision that food safety consultancy is a need, you still need to find the right consultant to hire.

Otherwise, if you hire the wrong consultant, you’ll be wasting your money without seeing measurable improvements. Be sure to use both references and reviews to your advantage.

Both will allow you to see the consultancy from a customer’s point of view. Their previous and current clientele will gladly give feedback that you can use in your decision making.

For example, look at the ratings and comments left on online reviews. Are they happy with the feedback the consultant gave them? What results have they seen? Would they recommend them to others? Do they still use that food safety consultant?

If you find yourself wanting a bit more insight than online reviews can offer, be sure to ask the food safety consultancy for references. 

This gives you the opportunity to ask their clients about the service on a one-on-one basis. What feedback do they have on them? Ask them for stories about their experience with the consultancy you’re looking to hire.

2. Food Safety Experience

You wouldn’t pay for an auto mechanic to work on your car without them having proper training and expertise. The same thought process applies when hiring a food safety consultant.

Be sure to hire one with the experience and know-how that you need. A high-quality food safety consultant has experience with implementing HACCP systems, level 2 food safety, and can perform a risk assessment on your business model.

They can also help you get BRC accreditation, look for signs of common pest problems, keep an eye out for fire risk, and so on.

The more experience that they have in these departments, the more they can lead your company to successful food service operations. They’ll have the knowledge and understanding to help you implement it in your system.

Make sure they have experience in coaching as well. They need to be able to help you train your staff on new strategies, which will ensure that you see the changes you were hoping for.

Experience is key. The more of it they have, the more they can answer any questions you have along the way. Experienced food safety consultants have more confidence and a proven track record of success with any business they touch.

3. Efficiency

There are some food safety consultants out there (or consultants in any field) that will want to come into your place of business and spend several days observing your current operations. 

That observation process is an important (and necessary) part of the process, but it doesn’t need to take a week for them to perform it. Consultants of lesser quality might try to extend the observational period to drive up the price.

So, how do you ensure that doesn’t happen to you? Ask the food safety consultancy that you hire for details on their observational period.

How long will it take? What will they be looking at each day they’re there? How do they split that up? At what point will they start to gameplan with you? By getting a firmer grasp on their thought process, you’ll find the most efficient consultant out there.

4. High Return on Your Investment

Too many restaurants make the mistake of hiring the cheapest food safety consultant that they can find. In doing so, they sabotage their results before the process even begins.

If one consultant is charging far less than the others, it’s probably due to their lack of experience. They may not have a firm grasp on risk assessment, HACCP systems, process auditing, or something else you need.

Instead of looking for the lowest price, look for the highest return on your investment. A service that will give you all the help that you need and all the experience you need at the right price.

5. Optimal Communication

If you’re going to be paying for a food safety consultant to come in and help you turn things around, you want to stay in the loop with the entire process. Rightly so!

A reputable food safety consultancy will keep optimal communication with you. They will let you know what they’re seeing, the changes they’re looking to make, when they’re looking to come in, answer any questions you have, and so forth.

Use the initial phone call to gauge the consultant’s communication skills. Are they passionate about their job? Do they describe things in a way you can understand? Do you feel natural chemistry with them? Be sure to analyze these things.

Find the Right Food Safety Consultancy for Your Needs

Now that you have seen all of the different factors to look for when hiring your food safety consultancy, be sure to put them to good use.

Be sure to read this page to learn more about our food hygiene audits and how they can help you bolster your food service’s reputation.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.