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Food Hygiene Audits


revention is better than cure. That traditional saying certainly has merit in the thorny world of food manufacturing, preparation and retail. 

The legislative burden on businesses is now huge. However, this topic is even bigger than the need to consistently comply with food safety standards. In the face of fierce competition, the smallest issue can damage reputation, and therefore sales.

This makes regular food hygiene audits not just common sense, but a business imperative.


Insights for action and business growth

It is not sufficient to assume – or even to know – that you have all your bases covered on this important topic. Businesses must now be transparent in their food safety and hygiene controls. The question is not just whether you comply with standards, but can you prove it, with the results of an effective internal audit?

Can you be sure that compliancy-based procedures are applied consistently across your entire supply chain?

For many businesses, regular food hygiene audits are not “simply” reassurance that their systems and checks are working well. They offer vital insights on potential problems, end to end.

Contact us to discuss other ways regular food hygiene audits can benefit your specific business.







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