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HACCP system plans make light work of hazard controls in the food sector

Food safety management is a critical area for any business that serves food. Implementing a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan can help food businesses and organisations serving food to successfully manage all food hygiene and safety issues in an appropriate manner.

HACCP system development for organisations and food businesses

The HACCP system was devised by the Food Standards Agency and is based on seven principles, which can be tailored to suit any type of food business. Separate procedures are necessary to set up a HACCP system for meat plants.

When developing your HACCP system, you will need to take a close look at food management within your organisation, based on the main principles. Essentially, food safety hazards need to be identified within your system and your planning should aim to eliminate them altogether or cut them to the safest possible levels. 

Operating your HACCP system

Your system will include the implementation of critical control point monitoring and daily record keeping activities. Critical control points are the specific identified steps or stages within your food business at which controls can be put in place to cut or minimise hazards. All food business operators within your organisation need to be trained in the best ways to maintain the accurate records required by your HACCP system. 

Your HACCP system will need to be reviewed annually and at times when significant changes occur within food or hygiene regulations. It will also be necessary to upgrade your system at times menus feature significant changes. For example, if you add new dishes or your food plant starts to manufacture new products.






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